SIGA House
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SIGA House

SIGA House is a great tool for quickly referencing what products are to be used and where on a structure. Just click on the house image and it will open a pdf. Within the pdf you will see a clever cross reference table that will assist you with matching your substrate/membrane with the most appropriate recommended tape. It’s as easy as 123! You will be a SIGA expert in no time at all!

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EXTERNAL gives you the products you need for the outside for your structure.

INTERNAL gives you the products you need for the inside of your structure.

Of course you may also call our SIGA Expert who will be pleased to assist and recommend the appropriate combinations for you.

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SIGA products are free of VOC, Solvents, High boilers, Plasticisers, Chlorine, Formaldehyde, Caoutcho. NO OFF-GASSING means healthier Internal Air Quality and no degradation of product quality over time. Unique in the industry, since 1966 SIGA products are made in its purpose-built facilities, not outsourced. Your professional integrity is assured with Europe's leading premium brand of Airtight Weathertight Diffusible Membranes & Tapes.