Climate change and air pollution will not stop as long as the heating and cooling of buildings consumes 50% of the world's energy.

Zero Emissions Planet supplies products, technical advice and assistance for a range of high quality materials and products used in Passive House and High Performance Building; for Commercial and Residential applications. We aim to provide Architects, Building Designers and Builders a one-destination point for specification, procurement and supply Australia wide.
We strive for a world of zero energy loss buildings.
SIGA develops and manufactures high-performance, nontoxic adhesives, tapes and membranes for creating airtight building envelopes.
For 50 years, we have developed and produced, with great experience, high performance nontoxic adhesives, tapes and membranes. In 1966, Paul and Trudy Sieber-Gadient established SIGA. In 1990 the two sons, Reto and Marco Sieber, took over and grew SIGA from 15 to 400 employees, and soon the third generation will be ready. In 2013, SIGA was presented with the Family Business Award, making it one of the most enduring family businesses in Switzerland.
Each year, we bring new products and services with innovative features to market. Over the last 10 years SIGA has registered more than 30 patents for new adhesives, tapes and membranes. Production is carried out on self-developed, one-of-a-kind production machines. SIGA's strive for excellence has produced a unique culture of improvement. Every week, each employee provides suggestions for improvement, covering everything from daily business methods, to new products and features.
With highly motivated employees accross 30 countries, we strive to meet the needs of our customers for a comfortable, healthy, long-lasting, and energy-efficient building envelope. SIGA precision, combined with our international experience in roof, wall and floor connections, the Installation of facades, window and door elements, as well as pipe and cable penetrations, guarantee the highest quality and efficiency in building and remodeling.

Stick with us!
SIGA products are free of VOC, Solvents, High boilers, Plasticisers, Chlorine, Formaldehyde, Caoutcho. NO OFF-GASSING means healthier Internal Air Quality and no degradation of product quality over time. Unique in the industry, since 1966 SIGA products are made in its purpose-built facilities, not outsourced. Your professional integrity is assured with Europe's leading premium brand of Airtight Weathertight Diffusible Membranes & Tapes.