The ZEBP warranty covers the product characteristics guaranteed in the product data sheets when used in accordance with the Installation Manual. The information in this manual is provided to facilitate ordinary intended use. However, it does not discharge users from their responsibility for reviewing suitability and use. With the publication of a new version of the manual, the previous version loses its validity. The currently applicable version is available on the internet.
The warranty is excluded if an application does not comply with the instructions in the current manual, and the individual product installation sheet or:
  • in case of unusual influences on the product, in particular of a chemical or mechanical nature
  • if permanent mechanical strain (e.g. due to tensile forces resulting from insulation material weight, strong winds or other on the membrane, causing abnormal forces to impact on the tape seal
  • in case of multi-layered membranes or panelling materials without sufficient cohesive strength
  • in case of open facade cladding with Majcoat/Majvest
  • for Dockskin, if the adhesion is not executed with SIGA Tapes - Wigluv, Rissan, Sicrall, Corvum, Primur, Twinet, or Fentrim
  • if SIGA Fentrim IS is plastered over directly
  • in case of airtight sealing in sauna and swimming pool applications
  • if SIGA Fentrim / Fentrim 50/85 are applied directly on to a wood-based softboard
  • in case of bonds against standing, non-pressing water according to DIN 18195/SIA 271
  • if the requirements for a safe installation of the membranes are not fulfilled: The substrate must be free from any protruding, harmful objects such as screws, slab sides etc. Slab sides must be primed with Dockskin prior to installation and base tapeing installed soon after to prevent particle adhesion to the primer.
  • if the requirements for reliable bonding are not fulfilled: The substrate must be dry, uninterrupted, even, capable to bear loads, free of dust and grease and must not repel adhesives. Clean substrate before bonding and perform adhesion test on site. If necessary, strengthen with high-performance primer SIGA- Dockskin. Caution! The bonds must not be under standing water. Creases or tensions in the membranes/ tape must be relieved by cutting and resealed.
  • Before starting the plastering work make a plastering test on site Follow the recommendations of the plaster manufacturer
  • Read Prerequisite for safe plastering over SIGA Fentrim
Statutory Warranty 12 months limited to the replacement of supplied materials
Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure. The Buyer must keep pictorial or video evidence that installation has complied with the required installation steps and a copy of the invoice; (for example a video showing that the surface to be adhered to is being thoroughly cleaned prior to installation). Contact ZEBP by email to lodge a claim with your full details and the project address. Call 0405429475. Refer to the website for up to date details.
This manual may be superseded without notice. The currently valid manual is available at www.siga.swiss
International Tests
Technical details
Adhesive: SIGA high-perfomance adhesives are free of solvents, VOC, high boilers, plasticizers, chlorine and formaldehyde. They cannot be removed after application.
Working temperature: From -10 °C; Majcoat SOB from -15 °C; Primur cartridge and tubular bag: from +5 °C
Ageing resistance: Durable adhesive power; made without rubber, resins or solvents to prevent embrittlement
Storage: Store cool and dry in original box. Store Primur cartridge, Primur tubular bag, and Dockskin in a cool, dry and frost-protected place in their original boxes. Store Majrex, Majpell, Majcoat, and Majvest in a cool, dry and UV-protected place.
See indivdual product specification sheets for further detailed information.
SIGA products are free of VOC, Solvents, High boilers, Plasticisers, Chlorine, Formaldehyde, Caoutcho. NO OFF-GASSING means healthier Internal Air Quality and no degradation of product quality over time. Unique in the industry, since 1966 SIGA products are made in its purpose-built facilities, not outsourced. Your professional integrity is assured with Europe's leading premium brand of Airtight Weathertight Diffusible Membranes & Tapes.